Gazprom — number of departments and their interpretation

This article provides an interpretation of the company’s departments numbers Gazprom, Russia:

Department 104 Gazprom, Russia
Legal Department
Nikolai Dubik, board member

Department 105 Gazprom, Russia
Asset Management and Corporate Relations Department
Elena Mikhailova, board member

Department 106 Gazprom, Russia
Information and Communications Department
Alexander Bespalov

Department 121 Gazprom, Russia
Corporate Costs Department
Mikhail Sirotkin

Department 123 Gazprom, Russia
Prospective Development Department
Oleg Aksyutin, board member

Department 201 Gazprom, Russia
Workflow and Control Department of the Administration
Yuri Nosov

Department 234 Gazprom, Russia
Department of Stock Exchange Operations
Pyotr Volkov

Department 308 Gazprom, Russia
The Department of Transportation, Underground Storage and Utilization
Vyacheslav Mikhalenko

Department 310 Gazprom, Russia
Central Production and Dispatch Department
Sergey Pankratov

Department 333 Gazprom, Russia
Construction Department
Sergey Prozorov, board member

Department 335 Gazprom, Russia
Department of import substitution technologies
Pavel Krylov

Department 336 Gazprom, Russia
Department of design works
Andrey Skrepnyuk

Department 337 Gazprom, Russia
Project Management Department
Leonid Chugunov

Department 338 Gazprom, Russia
Department for Maintenance and Repair
Alexander Filatov

Department 307 Gazprom, Russia
Department of Gas, Gas Condensate and Oil Production
Vsevolod Cherepanov

Department 512 Gazprom, Russia
International Business Department
Pavel Oderov

Department 613 Gazprom, Russia
Department for Relations with the Russian Federation Authorities
Vladimir Markov, board member

Department 614 Gazprom, Russia
Department of Marketing and Processing of Gas and Liquid Hydrocarbons
Kirill Seleznev, board member

Department 715 Gazprom, Russia
Personnel Management Department
Elena Kasyan

Department 816 Gazprom, Russia
Financial and economic department
Alexander Ivannikov

Department 817 Gazprom, Russia
Department of Economic Expertise and Pricing
Vitaly Khatkov

Department 822 Gazprom, Russia
Tax Policy Department
Karen Oganyan

Department 839 Gazprom, Russia
Treasury Department
Alexander Dushko

Department 840 Gazprom, Russia
IT Department
Natalia Borisenko

Accounting Gazprom, Russia
Elena Vasilieva, Chief Accountant, Deputy Chairwoman of the Management Committee

*Information is accurate at the date of publication