Cache folder location of Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

So, the other day I spot check user files was running and I was very surprised by how long it takes. Peering closer, I noticed that a long time antivirus scans a folder with thousands of files. I tried to go to that folder, but nothing happened. Looking into totalcmd settings, found that the show hidden files is included and I surprised again. Additionally, including the display of system files — the folder become visible. It was Edge Cache in a completely open: ico, js, css etc. In general, everything that you open is stored in the form in which is downloaded from websites. But what is even more interesting is the amount of space occupied. It seems that the cache never cleared. According to one account the volume of cache held 9 GB, and for another 6GB. By removal of the trash on the disc added 15 GB of free space. In addition, there was a good tool Grabing resources.


The folder is at the following address:


To move use totalcmd, including pre-settings show hidden and system files.